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Monex Bullion Prices, Market Indications, National Debt Clock and Critical Economic Figures are presented in a simple, yet robust tool. Put America's trusted bullion market in the palm of your hand.

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Bullion Investor App Features
Select from a diverse range of components and sections.

Your personalized home page gives a snapshot of the financial markets, which are highlighted with 6 categories: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Currency and USD fiscal figures.

Gold Prices

From the Dashboard screen, thumb to any of the eight categories, such as Gold, to get the prices of the popular category items with dollar and % Change, and toggle to High or Low for the trading session.


Monex Bullion Investor™ puts you in control with your customized screen. Select favorite coins, bars, ratios and index indicators to quickly monitor commodities, currencies or economic figures that suit you

The Details

From the category screen or others, get to the details page to see one, five or ten year historical prices charts. This is where you set your personal Alerts, modify your Dashboard and select your Favorites.

USD Figures

Purchasing power of the United States Dollar is affected by the fiscal affairs of the government. Five fiscal red flags are: The Debt, Spending, Budgeted Deficit, Money Supply and a US Gold Valuation.

Gold Valuer

One intriguing guide to the devaluing dollar is measuring the money supply, most notably measured as M1. Get the latest gold value clock, and its projected value, as it compares M1 to gold reserves.

Monex Deposit Company
The name of the largest and most trusted two-way bullion market for US investors has been recognized for over four decades as the industry leader.

Investors gain live bullion and coin prices, along with important market indicators, indexes, insights, charts, and ratios for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and oil. A market summary Dashboard, your Favorites and price Alerts may be personalized by you to your individual preference. Use the intriguing National Debt Clock, Money Supply projections and the Gold Valuation, according to US Bullion Reserves to Money Supply, for a timely conceptual perspective of the state of USA fiscal affairs.
Features & Benefits
Our app is designed to be convenient and simple to use, regardless of your investing habits.
Push Notifications

You control how and when to receive notifications from the app.

Easy to Customize

Quickly and easily select which prices you want to add to your favorites.

Monex Bullion Investor
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Information is easy to read on almost any phone or tablet screen.

Clean & Elegant

Navigate through our app easily thanks to our organized layout.

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